Rayland Baxter

Rayland Baxter
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Rayland Baxter

Louisville, KY
KCD Theater
08:00 pm

‘Baxter’s already garnered critical acclaim and a loving fan base for his shambolic, sweet, well-rendered troubadour psychedelia. The 31-year-old Nashvillian learned the rock and country canon at the feet of his dad, the well-traveled and ingenious slide guitarist Bucky Baxter, who’s a key player on his two albums: 2012’s feathers & fishHooks and the new Imaginary Man, to be released August 14. But Baxter the younger is just as enamored of The Shins as he is Dad’s old boss Bob Dylan. There’s a self-awareness to his invocations of the past: the vanilla-pop shimmer that turns “Yellow Eyes” enchanting is retro without feeling derivative, and Baxter’s lyrics, about a wry wanderer who just can’t help but leave his lovers lonely, are just self-deprecating enough.’

—Ann Powers, NPR Music